PC - Platinum Collection Download Support

PC - Platinum Collection Download Support

This article will walk you through the process of downloading and installing the Secrets of Meditation Platinum collection onto your Windows computer. This article was written using Windows 7 so some steps might be slightly different for users of Windows 8, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Secrets of Meditation - Platinum Collection

The Platinum Collection includes the following:

  1. Secrets of Meditation Interactive - A lush, interactive visual and auditory experience. Requires a MAC or PC computer.
  2. Secrets of Meditation Audio Journey - 16 individual daily audio meditations in MP3 format that can be used on any computer or mobile device. This also includes the Daily Guide and Journal in PDF format (download file in ZIP format)
  3. Secrets of Meditation Extended - 8 additional 30 minute guided meditation with Dr. Chopra in MP3 format. These can be used on any computer or mobile device.(download file in ZIP format)


To LOGIN to the download page for Secrets of Meditation Platinum Collection Download page click HERE.

Enter you login credentials in the fields EMail (username) and Password OR click on the Login via Facebook button if you had previously registered using Facebook. 



Once you have logged in you will be presented with the download page.




DOWNLOAD 1 contains all audio files for the Audio Journey (16 files) as well as the Extended meditations (8 files). It also includes the Daily Guide and Journal in PDF format.




Hover your pointer/mouse over the icon labeled ZIP and CONTROL-CLICK on it. This will open a context menu in your Internet browser. 

Please select (LEFT-CLICK) the following based upon the browser you are using:

  • Safari – “Download linked file as
  • Firefox – “Save link as”
  • Chrome – “Save link as”

Each of these options will give you the opportunity to determine the Folder location on your computer to store the file.

NOTE: It is important to remember this location so you can extract the audio files from this downloaded file. The typical default location is “Downloads”.

This will download a file named "". This file is 524.8MB in size.



Once download has been completed, locate the "" on your computer. This file is likely in the default "Downloads" Folder in your home directory.

To unarchive or unzip the files, simply DOUBLE-CLICK on the  "" file and it will open the Archive Utility. This window will appear and close when the file has been expanded.



When expand is complete, the following folders and files will be located in the Folder you downloaded the  "" file into.


Platinum Collection Folder contains two folders with all the audio files:

  1. Secrets of Meditation - Contains the 16 audio files from the online program (MP3 format).
  2. Secrets of Meditation Expanded - Contains the 8 extended guided meditations (MP3 format).

You can drag and drop these two folders into your Media Player (such as iTunes) to listen to the files, burn to CD or transfer to your mobile device.

This folder also contains the Secrets of Meditation Daily Guide PDF file.



DOWNLOAD 2 allows you to download the Secrets of Meditation Interactive program for either PC or MAC. 


Click on the Computer Icon labeled "Software" to go to the download page.




Click on the link that contains the URL "" where "xxxxxx" is your specific download ID. Click on this link to be taken to the download server page.


NOTE: If you see this message instead of the link mentioned above:


Please check your email for original download email order. The email will be titled 

"Downloads for Order mcXXXXXXX" where "XXXXXXX" is your specific order number. The email will be from "Wild Divine" and email address "". 

In that email you will see a link like this -  "" where "xxxxxx" is your specific download ID. Click on that link and proceed with the instructions below.


A window or tab will open in your browser with links to download either the Mac (Mac-Wild-Divine-Deepak-Chopras-SoM-Installer.dmg) or

PC (Mac-Wild-Divine-Deepak-Chopras-SoM-Installer.dmg) version of the software. Select the Mac version and click on the link and the download will begin. The file is 1.6 GB and can take 20-30 minutes to download to your computer.




Once the download has completed you can open the Installer by double clicking on the file name in Finder. 



If you are still having issues and need further support please click HERE to open a support request.


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