Get the Daily Meditation Files Into Your iTunes Library - Windows

Get the Daily Meditation Files Into Your iTunes Library - Windows

Once you have downloaded the meditation audio files onto your Windows computer you can add them to your iTunes library. Once in your iTunes library you can listen on your computer, sync to your iPhone, iPad or iPod device or burn to CD.

Download All Days

1. If you selected the  “Download All XX Days” option to download your audio files, your meditations will be found in a named folder located on your computer.

The Music & Mantras do not create a unique folder. The 22 individual audio files are located in the folder you designated when extracting them. This is typically "Downloads". NOTE: You will need to move the individual files into iTunes rather than an entire folder.

To locate this folder or files, click Start (bottom-left Windows icon on your screen) and type the folder name above in the Search box. Select (left-click on) the result under "Files" in the search results as this is the decompressed audio files. Leave this window open.

Individual Days

1. If you selected the “Download Individual Meditations” option to download the files you will need to locate the downloaded files on your computer. It is likely they are in your “Downloads” folder in your Home directory but this will depend on your configuration and choices made at the time of download. Once you have located the meditation audio files, leave the window (in Windows Explorer) open showing them. 

Add to iTunes

1. Open the iTunes application.

2. When the application is opened select iTunes> File > New Playlist from the iTunes application menu to create a new playlist to better keep the meditation files organized.

3. When the new playlist is created it will be visible in the far left column of the iTunes application window under “Playlists” and will be named “Untitled Playlist”. Your cursor will be in the name field of the playlist so that you can provide a meaningful name for the Playlist. Simply type the name you wish to use and press Enter key.

4. This new playlist is now open in your iTunes browser window and should be empty.

5. Use your mouse and move to the Windows Explorer window we previously opened previously. Select all the audio files you wish to place into your iTunes library. HINT: You can select multiple files by holding down the Control or CTRL key and clicking on each file you wish to move into iTunes.  You can also drag and drop them one at a time if you prefer.

6. Click on the selected files and drag and drop them into the iTunes browser window opened to your new playlist. This will cause the files to be copied into your iTunes library. A status message will appear in iTunes status window showing the progress of the files being copied.

7. To listen to a file in iTunes simply double-click on the file in your library.


Burn to CD

Once the files have been placed in the iTunes library, you can easily burn them to CD. 

NOTE: It will take 5 – 7 CDs to hold all meditation audio files for any single meditation series.

1. Make sure the files are displayed in their proper day order in the iTunes playlist. If they are not, simply click on the column heading “Name” until they sort in proper ascending day order.

2. Select iTunes> File > Burn Playlist to Disc and a pop-up window will open with options called “Burn Settings

3. Make sure that you select Disc Format > Audio CD so that discs will play in any CD player (home, car, computer, portable, etc.).  Set “Gap between songs” to “None”.

4. Click on “Burn” to begin the process. Follow all prompts that iTunes presents until all files have been burned to CD.

NOTE: Be sure to label your disks with a permanent marker so you know the proper order in which to play them.


Sync to iPhone, iPad or iPod

There are numerous methods and schemes for doing this. If you sync all content from your computer’s iTunes library to your iPhone, iPad or iPod this playlist and all the audio files will transfer automatically the next time you sync the device. If you are unfamiliar with this process or unsure of your settings, please refer to the links below for more information from Apple.

iOS Device syncing (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) -

iPhone Sync Support -

iPad Sync Support -

iPod Touch Support -

iPod syncing -

If you are having issues and need further support please click HERE to open a support request.


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