Sync Daily Meditations to your iOS Device

Sync Daily Meditations to your iOS Device 

In order to listen to the downloaded meditations on your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you will need to download the files onto a Windows or Mac computer that has iTunes installed on it. You will then SYNC the audio files from iTunes to your device. This can be done using USB sync as well as iCloud (iOS devices only - iPhone, iPad or iPod touch).

NOTE: Apple does NOT allow audio content to be directly downloaded to any of their devices without using the iTunes store. Our meditation files are sold directly and not though iTunes. This is a limitation set by Apple for all iPhones, iPads and iPods.

To get the files into iTunes 

1. Download the files onto your Mac or Windows computer
2. Once files are downloaded and unzipped (if required), simply drag and drop them into your iTunes media library.
3. Once the files are in your media library, you can use iTunes SYNC function to transfer them to your device (iPad, iPhone or iPod).

Please click Mac iTunes Help or Windows iTunes Help for more detailed information on how to get the files into your iTunes library.

If you are unfamiliar with synching content to your device, we would recommend you refer to the Apple support website for more information. Please see the links below:

iOS Device synching (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) -

iPhone Sync Support -

iPad Sync Support -

iPod Touch Support -

iPod synching -

If you are having issues and need further support please click HERE to open a support request.


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