Streaming Audio Troubleshooting

Streaming Audio Troubleshooting


The free online meditations and lessons are streamed to your computer or device via your Internet connection. Below are some tips to help you if you are having any issues listening to the meditations.

1. Make sure you are logging in to the proper location for the meditations. Refer to the link you were sent in your registration conformation for your program.

2. Please clear cache on your Internet browser. If you need assistance with that please use this link for more information -

3. Slow internet connection – each file is around 20MB so you need a broadband data connection (Mobile - 3G or 4G) - LAN/WAN/WiFi - DSL or Cable. NOTE: If you are on a smartphone, please try and connect via WiFi if you can. Even a 3G connection can have difficulty streaming the files.

4. Since this is HTLM5 based player can run on many different devices, it is limited in regards to buffering the data stream. The data streaming might stop in the middle of the track in the case of a connection loss. If this occurs you will need to clear cache and refresh the page. Please go to this link for more information on clearing browser cache -

5. If you are on a PC or Mac you may want to try an alternate browser. We have found Google Chrome to be the most reliable on both the PC and Mac. The download is free. Please use this link -

6. Your geographic location may also influence the connectivity capabilities. Our servers are located in the US but routing through the Internet depends on many factors including your Internet service providers configuration and location.

7. Your web browser and/or your security software may have restrictions that are preventing the data from streaming or the player from launching. Please check security settings on both of these.

8. If you are having trouble hearing the audio, please click on the 'slider' to the right of the speaker and slide to the left for quieter and to the right for louder.

9. If you are on Windows XP and using Internet Explorer (IE) 8 you will need to download and install and use Google Chrome for the Challenge. IE8 is no longer supported by Microsoft and has not been updated for HTML5 support.

10. More information available on Streaming Audio is available here -


If you are still having issues please reply and provide us with some additional information:

1. What platform are you using? 
Computer - Windows, Mac 
Mobile - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, other (please specify)
2. If a mobile device, what brand and model is the device.
2. What browser are you using (Windows/Mac)? Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, other (please specify)
3. What type/speed is your Internet connection - (Mobile - 3G or 4G) - LAN/WAN/WiFi - DSL or Cable.
4. What is your geographic location (Country, State/Province, City)


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