Kindle - Healing Rhythms-15 Steps to Relax, Relieve and Restore

Kindle - Healing Rhythms-15 Steps to Relax, Relieve and Restore

NOTE: Some functional differences are likely between Kindle OS versions, hardware and browsers. Please refer to Amazon website for additional assistance. Click HERE for Kindle Support.

You can listen to the purchased meditations directly on your Kindle anytime you have an Internet connection (streaming) or you can download them onto your device and listen anytime and anywhere you choose using your Kindle's media player app.

1. You can login HERE with your Silk web browser on your Kindle.

2. Our system will automatically detect you are using a Kindle device and take you directly to the Healing Rhythms - 15-Steps to Relax, Relieve and Restore page for downloading and/or listening to the Individual Days meditation files.

3. To STREAM (listen without downloading) the meditations to your Kindle simply touch the DOWN ARROW of the day you wish to hear and the meditation will begin playing.


NOTE: If you are having any difficulty with the streaming audio please click HERE for some tips on improving streaming performance.

4. To DOWNLOAD each individual meditation audio file:

A. Simply hold your finger down on the icon for the day you wish to download (ex. "Step 1"). Keep it held down until a context menu appears. Choose "Save link" option or "Save" (depends on Kindle version) to download the file to your device.

B.  When download is complete, simply tap the file name and it will start playing in your media player and add the file to media player's library. Look in Web - Menu (horizontal lines in a box) - Downloads.

If you are having issues and need further support please click HERE to open a support request.


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