Why is it saying "Welcome back!" when I am trying to register?

Why is it saying "Welcome back!" when I am trying to register?

If you are attempting to register for the Mantra Meditation Journey using your email address and see a dialog box pop-up that is titled "Welcome Back!" with the message "Simply enter your password to complete your registration" (see below) it indicates that you have previously registered for a similar program with our partner Mentors Channel and as such have a login and password already established in their system. They provide similar services like the Mantra Meditation Journey for others around the world. Click "OK" to proceed.


If you are unsure of your password, simply click the "Forgot Password" link on the page asking for your password. An email will be sent to the email address you are using to register for the Mantra Meditation Journey containing your password. Enter this password into the "Password" field on the page titled "Quick and Easy Free Registration - Step 2 - Enter your password to register".



RETRIEVE PASSWORD - You can also retrieve your password by simply clicking HERE and providing your email address. Your password will be emailed to you.

NOTE: If the password returned to you appears system-generated (all capital letters and numbers, 14-16 digits in length), this means you had previously registered in their system using your Facebook ID. Simply choose the “Facebook User? Click here to connect your account” option on the registration page. 

REGISTRATION PAGE - Click HERE to return to the Registration page and complete the process for Mantra Meditation Journey.

If you are having issues and need further support please click HERE to open a support request.


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