How Does 21 Meditations on Love Work?

How it Does 21 Meditations on Love Work?



How it Works

21 Meditations on Love begins on February 14, 2014! Each day we will bring you a new meditation by Janet Bray Attwood specifically on the topic of love.

The daily meditations of the 21-day program are accessed from your web browser via an Internet connection. The meditations are streamed to your computer or mobile device. Starting on February 14  you will begin receiving daily emails from us that will include a link to log in to and access that day's meditation. The email will also include some additional and specific information about that day's meditation.

Some more specifics regarding the 21 Meditations on Love are below:

  • 21 Meditations on Love begins on Friday - February 14, 2014.
  • Participation in the 21 Meditations on Love is FREE and there is never an obligation to purchase anything at anytime.
  • You can register for the program using either your Facebook account or email address. To Register simply click HERE.
  • To ensure your daily emails as well as any other messages from us reach your inbox and do not end up in your Spam Filter or Junk Mail folder, please be sure to add to your address book.
  • Please feel free to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to join you in the 21 Meditations on Love. Click HERE for more information. 
If you have more questions regarding the 21 Meditations on Love, please feel free to to visit our Knowledge Base for more information or assistance.

Click on the following topics for more detailed information:

1. Daily Emails

2. Login Options

3. Navigation Page

4. Daily Message and Meditation

5. Journal


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Daily Emails



Each day during the program you will receive an email with additional information regarding that day's meditation and thought leader. Please review this information each day before you begin the session to get the most out of your 21 Meditations on Love experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure you receive the email without any issues, please add to your Address Book or Contacts. Also make sure that you add this address to any Spam Filter or Junk mail system you may use. If you DO NOT see the email in your inbox please be sure to check both the Spam Filter and your Junk Mail folder. 


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Login Options

There are two options for logging into the 21 Meditations on Love:

a. Via the link in the Daily Email


b. Using the Login screen from your browser.

Both options are explained below.




Near the bottom of every Daily Email (beneath the "Daily Thought" you will find a link to "Click on Day X". 

This will take you to the Login Screen in your Web Browser. Please proceed to "Login via Web Browser" below...

NOTE: If you are already logged into the program, you will be taken directly to the Navigation Page where you can select the daily meditation option of your choice.

B. Login via Web Browser


You can login into the program from your Web Browser by clicking HERE. Please bookmark this in your browser for future reference.



Login via Facebook

If you registered for the program using your Facebook credentials click the "Register with Facebook" button and follow the prompts to login to the program.

Login via Email Adress and Password

If you registered for the program using your email address and a password enter those into the "Email" and "Password" fields on the Login Screen and press the "LOGIN" button.If you are having any issues logging in click on the "Forgot Password?" link to retrieve your password via email.


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Navigation Page


Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Navigation Page. Here you will find all of the days available to you. 

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Daily Message and Meditation


There are controls in the visual window to PLAY and PAUSE the audio. The audio for the Daily Meditations is NOT downloaded to your local computer, smartphone or tablet but it is STREAMED to your device's Internet Browser. 

IMPORTANT: There are many variables in streaming audio to your web browser including web browser compatibility (must be HTML5 compliant) as well as the speed and reliability of your internet connection. We STRONGLY advise you to ensure that your browser and operating system software are as up to date as possible and to use a reliable WiFi internet connection on ALL mobile devices instead of your 3G or 4G data connection. This will greatly increase your ability to reliably connect to our servers and ensure the highest quality audio and visual experience with the 21 Meditations on Love program. 

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Entering Items Into Daily Journal

Each day you can enter your thoughts, feelings and reflections about that day's meditation in your Daily Journal. This data is only accessible by you and is not shared with any other users of the 21 Meditations on Love program. The Daily Journal is accessible from the Daily Message and Meditation page for each day of the program. 

To open the Journal for entry, click on on the link ABOVE the daily meditation's audio playback control bar.



When you have finished entering into the Daily Journal simply press the "SAVE" button to save that day's entry. Once the entry is saved press "HOME" to return to the Navigation Page. 

Review, Edit or Print Journal Entries

NOTE: The contents of the Daily Journal are NOT available after the FREE online program ends. We strongly recommend that you save or print them before access to the program closes.

To review or print any or all of you Daily Journal entries, press the "My Journal" link/button on the bottom menu bar on either the Navigation Page or the Daily Message and Meditation page.  



From this screen you can VIEW, EDIT or PRINT your My Journal entries.

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If you are having issues and need further support please click HERE to open a support request.



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