Video Access for the 21 Days of Gratitude

Dear Fellow Meditators,

We appreciate the outpouring of love for the video portion of the meditation. We apologize for any misunderstanding. As noted on the registration page, the free, online program includes 4 bonus video meditations. The other daily meditations include audio + a slideshow of Louie's images. The next free bonus video is on Day 8, "My Heritage"; Day 15, "Fantastic Fungi" and a bonus day, "Gratitude to the Universe". Due to the overwhelming demand for our own proprietary format of Video Meditation , we have added day 2 as complementary offering to our precious community.

If you wish to enhance your experience now, you can access all of the videos with a 30-Day Premium Access pass. Please note, at the end of the series,  those that want to experience the program again or share with others, the entire program, including all the videos, will be available for purchase on DVD or streaming video. A portion of the proceeds from all sales related to "21 Days of Gratitude" will be donated to " 1% for the Planet " to support what it means to live sustainably and impact the planet in a positive way. We appreciate your support for this series.


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