Personal Note from CEO

Dear 21 Days of Gratitude participants,


I offer my sincerest apology for any miscommunication about the format of this series. We promised 21 days of inspirational thoughts free of charge. We promised stunning images from the lens of Louie Schwartzberg free of charge. We have delivered and will continue to deliver those as promised. My intention is to be transparent and generous in what I offer. At the same time, I am delighted and uplifted that so many expressed such love for the video segments.


In this collaborative effort of bringing you the 21 Days of Gratitude journey, we, will continue to offer rotating images of Louie’s moving art and free videos on days 1, now 2, 8, 15 and 22. It has been a devoted effort between two international teams - as well as 6 intense months - to create this specific program. 


I assure you, I listen to your comments, and take them very much to heart. I will continue to bring the highest quality content to the greatest number of people - audio and rotating image completely for free - offering meditators the opportunity to buy the exact program or expanded versions at a reasonable price. 


To avoid additional miscommunication, I ask that you please allow me to clearly express exactly what you will be receiving day by day, FREE of charge, as noted on our registration page.


  • Day 1 – Audio and Video
  • Day 2 – Audio – plus video due to the overwhelming support of our video fans
  • Days 3 through 7– Audio and a kaleidoscope of rotating still images from Louie’s beautifully captured film sequences
  • Day 8 – Audio and Video
  • Day 9 through 14 – Audio and a kaleidoscope of rotating images
  • Day 15 – Audio and Video
  • Days 16-21 – Audio and a kaleidoscope of rotating images
  • Day 22 Bonus Day – Audio and Video


I have devoted my life to global transformation through meditation as a vehicle for helping people walk their true path. I am so grateful for your comments – each and every one. Clear communication is always necessary for any relationship to last.  I am especially grateful for the many positive responses and happiness generated by this work and ask that you continue to join us for inspiration as well as guided meditation throughout  the next three weeks. Your life will be greatly enhanced, as has mine, from working on such a grand endeavor.


Warmly, with respect and gratitude,

Doron Libshtein 

Founder and CEO, Mentors Channel


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